A concert in the Palazzo Barbarigo-Minotto: intimate and accompanied by cheese and wine.

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Classical music in Venice

Do, re, mi, fa sol, la, si, do!

Regardless of one's musical tastes, you cannot leave Venice without having witnessed a classical concert. Since the middle ages, music has been one of the artistic foundations of the city. Even today, this art continues to indulge itself and you can access it in different places. It can be found in one of its most impressive forms in the Palazzo Barbarigo-Minotto, opposite the Grand Canal, close to St. Mark's Square. Intimate concerts are performed between servings of cheese and wine inside this fifteenth century Gothic palace. It is one of those experiences that has to be lived in order to be understood, as the sensation of listening to a concert in this way cannot be explained with words. Nearby, between the Academia Bridge and the campo Santo Stefano, we find the Chiesa San Vidal. Inside, the acclaimed band Interpreti Veneziani perform a wide selection of concerts. The band's musicians have been playing great works, primarily Vivaldi, for more than fourteen years. Recognised around the world, they offer one of the best opportunities to enjoy music in this city rich in the arts.

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