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The New Terminal at Madrid (T4 and T4S)Any questions?

How to get to Madrid Barajas's Terminal Area (T4 and T4S)?

You have a range of options, depending on whether you wish to use public or private transport.

If you decide to use public transport, you can choose between the Bus or Metro, (the extension of the metro's line 8 (Nuevos Ministerios-Barajas)).

Should you wish to use your car, you can use the toll road, the M-12 or the M-14 linking to the M-13, without paying a toll.

Further Information

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VIP services at the airport

Discover all of the services we offer our Business Class passengers at the airport:

  • VIP parking: Private vehicle collection, parking and delivery service at Madrid and Barcelona airports.
  • Exclusive check-in counters: As a business customer you can check your luggage at exclusive counters separate from the rest throughout the network of airports we fly from.
  • Fast track: We guarantee minimal wait time, saving you time at the airport security control.
  • VIP lounges: Where you can relax and get your strength back, our VIP lounges are fitted out so you can continue to work and hold meetings.
  • Limousine: We provide you with a luxury car and driver to pick you up from your home, hotel or office and drive you to the airport, or vice versa, for free.

More information on VIP services at Madrid and Barcelona.

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How to get between Madrid terminals T1, T2, T3, T4 and T4S?

  • Getting between Terminal T4 and T4S:
    Regardless of the Terminal assigned for your flight (T4 or T4S), you will always have to enter via T4 or the Terminal Building. Both buildings, located at the northern end of the current airport and facing each other, are linked by an underground train (APM).
  • To connect Terminals T1, T2 and T3 with T4 and T4S and vice versa:
    AENA, as well as maintaining internal connections between terminals T1, T2 and T3 and the new T4 and T4S, also offers all passengers shuttle buses for external connections.
    • internal connection: bus for connections passengers.
      This free service takes people around the airport, allowing them to get between terminals T1, T2, T3, T4 and T4S. It is for those passengers connecting from one flight to another who have already checked their baggage in.
    • external connections: free AENA shuttle buses.
      which operate around the clock, leaving from terminals T1 and T2, direct to Terminal T4.

Further Information

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Where do I check in for my flight inTerminal 4 of Madrid?

Check-in is performed at the same counters for all flights (including Air Nostrum) in the check-in area on Level 2 at Terminal 4. The air shuttle has an exclusive area which you can enter directly from the entrance to T4.
This check-in model at Iberia, thanks to the counters installed, ensures that, regardless of your destination, you can check in at any counter the company has open.

These will be divided exclusively in two zones:

  • Business Class Passengers
  • Economy Class Passengers

Plus you will find 48 check-in machines, with and without luggage

More information

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Where is baggage reclaim in Madrid,s Terminal 4?

All baggage, regardless of the origin, is picked up in T4, Arrivals. This is also where those passengers coming from countries that so require (ie non-Schengen international flights) pass through passport control

The arrivals hall is also where you can find the Customer Services desk for problems with baggage

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How early should I arrive at the airport when I am going to travel?

We recommend you arrive at the airport at least two hours before your flight departs. That way you will have enough time to check in, drop off your baggage, pass the immigration and security checks and reach your boarding gate.

The “last time for acceptance on the flight” is the minimum time before the scheduled departure time when you must have been admitted on the flight, have your baggage checked in and have a boarding pass.

Generally, our time limit is 45 minutes to check in and 20 minutes to board prior to the scheduled flight departure. This time limit may be longer at some airports in our network or depending on the destination because of security reasons.

See check-in and boarding time limit

How do I transit at T4 in Madrid airport?

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What is the boarding procedure?

We've changed the way we assign groups to make boarding faster and more convenient and shorten waiting times at the boarding gate.
When boarding starts, we'll call families with small children and customers who require assistance to board the plane first. Immediately after that, we'll call passengers in the following order:

Priority boarding Group 1: members of Iberia Plus Infinita, Platino and Oro, Iberia Singular, oneworld Emerald and Sapphire, and Business class.

Priority boarding Group 2: members of Iberia Plus Plata, oneworld Ruby, Premium Economy, Air Shuttle and Economy customers who have checked in their cabin bags.

Boarding Group 3: customers travelling in Economy class with Optima and Flexible fares.

Boarding Group 4: all other customers.

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How do I know if my flight leaves from Madrid Terminal T4 or Terminal T4S (satellite)?

Remember that check-in for all flights is in the Main Building, Terminal Building T4. Only flights with non-Schengen destinations, wide-body aircraft and some particular flights with Schengen destinations board and land at the Satellite Building (T4S).
The two buildings are joined by the airport services tunnel (TSA) and the airport people mover (APM).

Check the terminal where you will board on your ticket. In any case, as a general rule, all air shuttleflights and the majority of domestic and Schengen flights leave from T4.
Except if there are last-minute changes, Air Nostrum flights always leave and arrive from T4, using boarding gates K (K86 to K93).
Non-Schengen international flights leave from the Satellite Building (T4S). < br /> Exceptionally, the odd domestic flight, including an air shuttle or Schengen flight, may leave from the satellite building.
Check the online flight arrivals and departures information to make sure you know the terminal your flight operates at.

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Where are the Iberia offices inTerminal 4 of Madrid?

  • Ticket Office
    • At the top of the islands, near the check-in desks.
  • Customer Services, Information Offices
    We have increased the number of Iberia Customer Services and Information desks available.
    • T4 has a number of desks: two at the top of the islands near the check-in desks, two, in each of the wings of the embarkation area, (Areas H and K) and three in the arrivals hall (baggage reclaim).
    • T4S has four desks in total: one in the middle of the check-in area, two, in each of the wings of the embarkation area, (Areas R and U) and a further one in the middle of the embarkation area
  • Connections Office
    Some of Iberia's Customer Services and Information desks double up as Connections desks.
    • In T4, these are located in each of the wings of the embarkation area (Areas H and K).
    • In T4S, one is in the middle of the check-in area, another two in the embarkation area and there is one in the middle of the embarkation area
  • Madrid Amigo
    • On arrival at Madrid Airport, go to the designated area for the minibus of the hotel you have booked. You will find it on Level 0, Aisle 2 of Terminal 4. You don't not need a voucher,but when you reach the hotel, you will need to identify yourself in Reception to verify your booking.
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