Living as an artisan

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Living as an artisan

The chronicles say that the first ceramist who came to Areguá was Spaniard Ricardo Pérez, who had been granted land in this region alongside the Ypacarai lake as a reward for saving the life of the man who was to become president of Paraguay, general Bernadino Caballero. In fact, he saved him from enemy soldiers by hiding him in his clay oven and when it came to his reward, he asked to be able to continue being a ceramicist in Areguá. There are abundant clay and kaolin pots, vases and jugs for sale along the lakeside, specialities that you can buy during your visit to the potters' area. In the Avenida de la Candelaria you can observe the artisans at work, with more than 100 artisan families' ceramics to choose from. Don't forget how fragile these objects are; if you want your gifts to arrive home intact, it is worth finding out about companies specialising in the packaging and shipping of fragile goods.

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