The Emerald of the Cordilleras

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Arruyos y Esteros

The Emerald of the Cordilleras

If you have chance for a small trip outside the limits of Asunción, it is worth travelling the 68 kilometres that separate it from Arruyos y Esteros (streams and estuaries), a place whose name represents the lushness of its landscape, where streams and vegetation abound, to the extent that it is known as Paraguay's "Emerald of the Cordilleras". The two great rivers that surround it, the Piribebuy and Manduvirá, ensure that the land is fertile for cultivating cereals and fruit. In fact, the best day of the week to plan your visit to Arroyos y Esteros is Saturday, when you can visit the market with its organic fruit and vegetables, home made cheeses and jams, and plenty of other delicacies. Curiously, this town, known as the Organic Valley, is also known for being the first producer of organic sugar cane and for exporting 100% of its rice grown in paddy fields surrounding the village.

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