An activity for all the family

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Astronomy Centre - Planetarium

An activity for all the family

Did you know that in the Guaraní ancestral tradition, there were six words for "dawn"? "Koe" was dawn itself, but it could also be "koe ti" if the dawn was clean and clear, "koe pyt" if it was pink and so on. Their gods were represented in the constellations, just like the mythology and stars that we know in Europe. You can learn about this and much more in the picturesque Father Buenaventure Suarez Astronomical Centre and Planetarium. It is named after the man who is regarded as the first astronomer in Paraguay: a Jesuit who built the first observatory in the 18th century, using the tools he had to hand. A visit to the Astronomy Centre is a good idea if you are looking for alternative and interesting entertainment: spend a day among telescopes, fossil and meteorite exhibitions, model aircraft and projections on the domed screen of the Planetarium.

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