A 20th century house museum

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Bernardino Caballero Museum of National History

A 20th century house museum

One of the most exciting trips to nineteenth century Asunción is the Bernardino Caballero Museum of National History, near the Parque Caballero. It remains almost exactly as its owner left it when he died in 1912. General Bernadino Caballero had fought in the War of the Triple Alliance where he just about survived after having been taken prisoner and detained for some time in Brazil. Do you want to know how he fought in the war? With military sabres and a revolver, which are on display in this museum. The rooms have been kept the same as when he was alive: his bedroom with furniture of the era and brass bed, jukeboxes that he would listen to with friends, and a study with its collection of antique pens, inks and typewriters. The Museum has gathered this collection with the help of the general's descendants, who donated more than 3,000 personal souvenirs and objects.

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