Good atmosphere and excellent food

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Good atmosphere and excellent food

Bolsi's clientele come for not only the really superb menu but also for the delightful attention that makes you feel right at home. The extensive opening hours - the kitchen is open until the early hours of the morning and then again for breakfast - are another point in its favour. As is customary, the Asunci usually begin their meal with a "Pira broth" or fish soup as a starter, but Bolsi also will surprise you with their juicy meat dishes, pizza, pasta - such as their famous "Mamma ravioli with mafia sauce" and all kinds of mediterranean traditions, not to mention the monumental desserts that could have a menu all to themselves. If you stop to look at the sweet counter, you will probably leave Bolsi with a sugar rush. Divided into various areas, including a terrace and bar, the menu ranges from more elaborate dishes to tapas with imported beer or quick burgers made from quality meat with generous garnish.

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