Paraguay's Independence was forged here

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Casa de la Independencia

Paraguay's Independence was forged here

The Casa de la Independencía and the Museum inside basically contain the story about the Paraguayan plot to achieve independence from the Spanish mandate toward 1811. Built from adobe and palm in the 18th century, since then had served as an innocent place for Paraguayan gentlemen to meet, some on the pretext of courting the ladies that lived there, others to visit relatives. In reality, secret meetings were held here to orchestrate the independence movement, eventually dashing out onto the Callejón Histórico to lift the nation and declare independence for Paraguay. A tour of this house-museum is like a spy adventure set in a perfectly preserved colonial house, with furniture, weapons, paintings and objects belonging to the period. Independence House also contains key documents relating to the revolution, after several previous attempts where they did not achieve their goal.

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