The only one of its kind in Paraguay

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Cathedral of San Lorenzo (Catedral de San Lorenzo)

The only one of its kind in Paraguay

Another of the country's important religious settlements and monuments, the municipality of San Lorenzo, is to be found just nine kilometres from Asunción and its neo-gothic style cathedral is the only one of its kind in Paraguay. Dedicated to San Lorenzo, the original church was built by the Jesuits in 1775, but when they were expelled this chapel fell into rack and ruin until it had to be demolished. At the beginning of the 20th century, as has often happened throughout the religious history of this country, the next cathedral of 1853 also had to be restored due to the deterioration of the initial structure. There were changes upon changes to the cathedral plans until the locals were happy with the European neo-gothic style, but by then there were no funds. As amazing as it may seem, the final work that you can visit today in all its splendour was not finished until 1969, so its neo-gothic style will endure for sure this time, in a perfect state of preservation.

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