Money and jewels of Paraguay

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Central Bank Numismatics Museum (Museo Numismático del Banco Central)

Money and jewels of Paraguay

If you could access the most hidden safes of the Central Bank of Asunción, what would you like to find? A collection of fine jewellery, coins, medals and other pieces like you might find in the cave of Ali Baba? All this and much more is organized and on display to the public in the curious Numismatic Museum, which has been open since the 1960s. In the north wing of the bank building, the museum takes a historic journey through coins and notes that show which events happened, and were depicted on its money, throughout the history of Paraguay. It includes a jewellery collection, kept from amongst donations from high society to the government that were to be melted down to produce coins during the War of the Triple Alliance. The Museum also has a library where the whole numismatist process of the country, since its independence, has been documented.

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