Learn about history through art

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Centre of Visual Arts

Learn about history through art

In the early eighties there was a resurgence of interest in Guaraní art and the Centre of Visual Arts was created containing the Museum of Clay, Museum of Indigenous Art and the Gallery of Contemporary Paraguayan Art, all within in a single space. The tour will give you an overall idea of art in Paraguay from pre-Columbian times to the present, with curiosities in each section. The Museum of Indigenous art, for example, goes into Guaraní rituals and ancestral traditions with 1,750 objects representing each indigenous race that has populated the country since the beginning of time, which can now be found on its digitized database. The Museum of Clay contains more than 4,000 clay and ceramic pieces from the seventeenth century onwards, so you can learn about the evolution of Paraguay's crafts and their implicit symbolism. Finally, a permanent collection of fine arts including sculpture, is kept in the Paraguayan Gallery of Contemporary Art.

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