This little church has a long history behind it.

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Church of the Incarnation (Iglesia de la Encarnación)

This little church has a long history behind it.

The adventures and misadventures of the Church of the Incarnation date back to the year 1539, when the first stone of the convent was laid, and since then it has been relocated to different places around the city's hills until it found its present home. It has suffered several fires, land movements, expropriation due to power struggles and ruins, until Italian architect Juan Colombo became interested in the misfortune of this church and offered to restore it - some say for free - in 1893, in a Romano-Corinthian architectural style. Sixth time lucky: the building that you can visit today is the last restoration the church has undergone, and among its most valuable and famous objects is the big pipe organ, the only one of its kind in the country. It was brought here from Germany in the 1920s, and remained in pieces for over 20 years, finally restored and fitted by the manufacturing company so that it could finally be heard in the Church of the Incarnation.

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