Like ducks to water!

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Club de Regatas Mbiguá

Like ducks to water!

One of Asunción's oldest sporting clubs is the Mbigua Yacht Club, whose rowing team has been ploughing through the Paraguay River since 1902. It is amazing that the athletes were able to train, since the turbulent start of the 20th century was the stage for a coup d'etat and constant revolutions. The Football Club was also born against this backdrop but did not survive beyond 2010. Nowadays, the Mbigua Yacht Club provides an entertaining show to watch from the Bay of Asunción when athletes take to the river with their boats and paddles to compete in the regatta. The facilities also have swimming pools: one freshwater and one salt - where the local swimming team trains and locals refresh themselves in the hot months. If you've packed your swimsuit, don't hesitate to visit Club Mbigua.

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