High viewpoint over the river

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Itá Pytá Point Viewpoint (Mirador de Itá Pytá Punta)

High viewpoint over the river

Itá Pytá ('upright red stone') Point is a commitment to nature that maybe went wrong because the materials weren't suitable or because the ground could not stand up to the volume of tourists, but it is certainly one of the best viewpoints in Asunción, with views over the Paraguay River. Although the authorities are working to recover the asphalt of the whole viewpoint, where local children usually play in the late afternoon, in some corners you'll see posters warning "stay clear" ("no acercarse"), because of the danger of collapse or poor footing, as the sandstone ground is not safe in heavy rains. As long as you respect these warnings, it is worth climbing up to the viewpoint to contemplate not only the little markets encouraged by the neighbours to increase tourism, but also the boat trips in the evening. However, before climbing, you should ask the locals whether it is safe.

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