A viewpoint surrounded by vegetation

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Lambaré Hill (Cerro Lambaré)

A viewpoint surrounded by vegetation

When the Spanish settlers invaded what is now Paraguay, they found a strong and courageous native Guaraní community led by Chief Lambaré, who entrenched himself and his people in the hill that bears his name and resisted the attacks as long as he could and until there was some negotiation with the Spaniards. The Jesuits, aware of Chief Lambaré's influence, were quick to raise their first, rather precarious parish church next to his house. Now open to tourists,the hill is in the heights of the Ita Enramada neighbourhood and from the top you can see the Paraguay River and the nearby capital of Asunción, with a statue of the courageous native hero. Lambaré Hill is part of the hilly terrain - just 139 metres above sea level - that forms part of the Ybytypanema mountain range, next to the hills of Tacumbu Ňemby and Yaguaron. 

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