Homemade traditional food at a good price

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Lido Bar

Homemade traditional food at a good price

The locals flock to the Lido Bar for lunch and dinner and this traditional eatery is well positioned close to the Pantheon of Heroes. It is something of an institution in the capital and therefore almost always full so be prepared for a wait. Here, it is not about luxury, it is more of a typical neighbourhood bar with home-cooked recipes that has earned itself a reputation based on years of good cooking. This eatery will amaze you with its affordable prices and traditional Paraguayan dishes. They also offer a takeaway service. Suribí soup is one of their star dishes, but if you don't fancy fish soup, you'll also find other delicacies such as home-cooked pies, meat pasties and croquettes. It is worth checking if there is a football match of local interest, because if so, the Lido Bar will be packed out.

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