Artisan work and a river with curative properties

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Artisan work and a river with curative properties

If you are superstitious and believe in local traditions, you will certainly want to visit the town of Limpio (short for San José de los Campos Limpios), 23 km from Asunción. Here you can not only buy unique pieces of craftsmanship made with fronds of the karanda'y (a palm tree typical of the area), but you can also drink water from a spring which, according the Paraguayans, is sacred and has curative properties. Typical Limpio crafts include 'piri sombreros', made from two palm leaves and traditionally used by farmers to protect them from the sun. The native Guaraní of the region specialise in weaving these leaves to create bags, baskets, fruit bowls and wallets. They can also be combined with another type of plant, the Guembé or Paraguayan philodendron, which, when dried turns a dark colour that contrasts with the pale karanda'y when woven together.

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