Current seat of government.

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Lopez Presidential Palace (Palacio de los López)

Current seat of government.

The president of Paraguay's official office is in the Lopez presidential palace, seat of the national government and one of the treasures of the Asunción's cultural heritage. Lopez Palace is named after Francisco Solano Lopez, who was president of Paraguay at the end of the nineteenth century; having travelled around the world to recruit the services of the best architects and interior designers, choosing the best raw materials to build the Palace ... he had the misfortune of never living in it. When the work was almost completed, the Triple Alliance war broke out, and so he had to go to the battlefield. Not only that: his palace was bombed and looted by the Brazilian-Argentinian coalition. His two successors in office tried to restore the building, but coups d'etat prevented them from living there, it seemed to be cursed. Today the nation is governed from this palace, and it provides spectacular architectural lighting that is well worth seeing at night.

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