Don't rush your visit here.

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Manzana de la Rivera Cultural Centre

Don't rush your visit here.

In 1989, with the motto "Save the block in front of the Palace", Paraguayan architecture students started a campaign for the restoration of a group of nine historic homes in front of the Lopez presidential palace. And they won: the authorities got involved as well as the Spanish Cooperation Agency, and the result is the current Manzana de la Rivera cultural centre, which is interesting not only for its architectural restoration, but also for its exhibition space and artistic pieces that shape the core of the project and are well worth a long visit. Amongst the renovated houses, you can find the mid-eighteenth century colonial-style Casa Viola, which houses the 'Memory of the City' Museum. You can go to dance and theatre performances in the neo-classical Casa Clari-Mestre, built in 1912. The Municipal Library is inside the Casa Vertua, with about 20,000 books at your disposal.

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