A bustling market

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A bustling market

It is as if you're dropped into a Arab souk when you enter Mercado4; you'll find it a hotbed of scents and colours, located between Avenida Pettirossi y la Avenida Rodríguez de Francia, on the street and without any another infrastructure meaning that the mobile sellers' humble stalls are not sheltered from the rain or sunshine. It is important to keep an eye on your belongings and your wallet, as in any metropolitan area, and don't be overwhelmed by the apparent chaos of the stallholders. If you are looking for some fresh fruit to satisfy your hunger whilst sightseeing, the best native and exotic fruits are to be found here, sometimes newly arrived in caravans direct from the fruit fields. But there is also room to sell textile garments and electronics (not always genuine), crafts and a plethora of gift ideas, and all at a considerably lower price than anywhere else.

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