A look back over of military history

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Ministry of Defence Military Museum

A look back over of military history

Although Paraguay has only embarked on two wars since its colonization: the War of the Triple Alliance and the Chaco War, the history of both and an extensive collection of their protagonists' personal objects can be found in the Military Museum, opened in the 1930s in the Ministry of Defence building. In addition to what you would normally expect from this type of collection, such as weapons, flags, uniforms, ammunition and maps of operations, the novelty of this museum is its intimacy. The Mariscal Francisco Solano Lopez room, for example, contains personal objects that belonged to both this character and his girlfriend and "marshal", who accompanied him to the front: Elisa Alicia Lynch. This is the only explanation for the presence of a delicate music box, porcelain objects and dresses in a military museum. Details like this allow us to imagine everyday life during combat, such as that of Cerro Corá, where the Marshal and his 17-year-old son - Panchito Solano - died trying to protect Madame Lynch.

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