Important taxidermy collection

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Museum of Natural History

Important taxidermy collection

If you are visiting the Botanical Garden, there is an additional surprise attraction: the Museum of Natural and Indigenous History and Herbarium, which you will find in the Casa Baja (former country residence of Paraguayan president Carlos Antonio Lopez), created in 1840. The house contains a taxidermy collection that was started at the beginning of the twentieth century, with reproductions of the natural habitats of Paraguay's indigenous fauna. Throughout its seven rooms you will be able to observe, closely (and without risk) embalmed predators in danger of extinction, display cases containing extraordinary collections of preserved butterflies, birds and native fish. The Museum of Natural History also includes a section on the different indigenous ethnic groups that have inhabited Paraguay since remote times, as attested to by the 650 year old female mummy; pre-Hispanic gold work and hunting, gathering, and traditional fabric weaving artefacts. Finally, you can study at length in the Herbarium, repository for the seeds and plants of Paraguay.

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