Outdoor activities for all tastes

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Ñu Guazú National Park

Outdoor activities for all tastes

For sport lovers, the Ñu Guazú National Park is the ideal place for an adrenaline rush in the open air whilst enjoying the extraordinary landscape. Located in the Luque neighbourhood, with a recently built bridge linking it to the Metropolitan Park, the Ñu Guazú has five miles of trails for running, rollerblading, as well as a cycle path, fitness parks and even football pitches and basketball courts. Several kiosks along the way provide refreshments and snacks, although if you want a good lunch it is advisable to bring food with you and enjoy it in the shade of the 'Parque Taiwán', an area of oriental-Taiwanese ambience and landscaping. This space forms part of the Lake Trail (Paseo de los Lagos) and is on a little island which is accessed via a bridge. Police presence guarantees safety within this compound, even for lone walkers in the early morning.

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