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Paraguay Cruise

Would you like to go on a cruise?

An irresistible trip for true explorers and adventurers, the Paraguay Cruise leaves from Bahia Asunción with the promise of an unforgettable trip, which must always be booked in advance. With two routes to choose from, you can enjoy four or six days aboard a boat equipped to sail the Paraguay River and its tributaries with all the amenities of a luxury cruise: exquisitely decorated wooden cabins with views over the surrounding landscape of the shores, nightlife and cocktails and local dishes prepared in the exclusive Lounge Bar Mandu'ara, and not forgetting its covered pool where you can relax for a while. The Chaco itinerary lasts just two nights and offers a photographic safari with native flora and fauna identification and hiking around the rural areas where the cruise stops. The Pantanal Itinerary explores natural grottoes and includes a foray into the jungle and the 'Tres Hermanos (Three Brothers)' hills , accompanied by a biologist guide who will explain the things you find on this trip.

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