Street market

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Plaza de los Héroes Market

Street market

Some of Paraguay's greatest assets are the hands and skills of its craftsmen, and this market, in the Plaza de los Héroes, has myriad objects for sale, mostly made by indigenous communities. In this plaza you will find typical Paraguayan garments such as the ao po'i (Guaraní for 'delicate fabric' ), ñandutíi (or 'spider web' ), which according to tradition was invented by a native of the Paraguayan jungle after looking at the design of spider webs. The craftsmen of the Plaza de los Heroes sell their wares from informal stalls in the sun where they might offer you a drink of traditional tereré while you decide what piece of art to buy. If you can't find anything to your liking and your journey coincides with the country's independence celebrations, there is also a similar but official craft market in Plaza O'Leary.

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