Rest in the shade of its trees

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Plaza Uruguaya

Rest in the shade of its trees

After a day of sightseeing in Asunción, your feet might lead you to take a rest in the Plaza Uruguaya, a meeting point near the old railway station, surrounded by bookshops and benches where you can sit in the shade of the lapachos (tajý in Guaraní), trees that are typical of Paraguay with their fronds of pink flowers in spring. There was once an Triumphal Arch (Arco del Triunfo) in the Plaza Uruguaya, built by the marshal Francisco Solano Lopez, but there is nothing left of its historical remains. Now, there are craft markets and students enjoying the cool of the shade, they buy old books and drink tereré, which has Paraguayan national heritage status. The news stands around the Plaza Uruguaya also serve this drink, in case you want to try it and blend in with the locals. The only downside of the plaza is the presence of pickpockets who are aware of its interest to tourists.

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