Indigenous legends kept alive

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Ramon Elias Museum of Mythology

Indigenous legends kept alive

If you organize an excursion to Capiatá, just 20 kilometres from Asunción, don't miss out on the only museum of its kind, not only in Paraguay, but probably in neighbouring countries: the Ramon Elias Museum of Mythology. It was founded by the Paraguayan artist of that name in 1979 and since then has been the last refuge of legends that have been almost forgotten with the passage of time: the myths and the rites of the Guaraní ancestral culture that Ramon Elias studied and painted for years. Apparently, first of all, he gathered information from books on native mythology, then visited indigenous peoples, consulted their elders, listened to oral traditions and learned from local crafts and finally returned with all he had learned to his collection of myths, where he carved them as they had been described. The Capiatá museum of mythology, includes carvings and depictions of Jesuits and Franciscans after the arrival of colonization, as well as photographs and old and forgotten weapons from wars across Paraguay.

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