Famous for its architecture and history, visit the Acropolis by day and see it by night from any of the city's terrace bars and restaurants.

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Acropolis of Athens

Visible from anywhere in the city

When you look at the Acropolis of Athens, it is amazing to think it was built during the time of Pericles, in the 5th century BC. Today it sits at the heart of Athens but back when the main construction took place under Phidias, it was intended to protect the city and so was raised at its highest point. The Acropolis is nearly 160 metres above sea level, meaning it can be seen from practically anywhere in the city. The complex is entered through a monumental gateway known as the Propylaea. Once inside, you'll find the monuments around which the history of Athens is built. The Parthenon, as the main temple at this site, is flanked by the Erechtheum and the Temple of Athena Nike, which also remind us of Greece's victory at the Battle of Salamis. These architectural remains form the very foundations of Western society.

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