A relaxing moment for many Greeks that all coffee lovers can also enjoy.

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Elliniko cafe

The ritual of Greek coffee

Coffee is a delicacy in Athens. However, the coffee here is very different to the more “traditional” versions in countries like Italy or Spain. In Greece, coffee is boiled and served with the grounds; that's why in Athens they talk about sipping your coffee. There are three different types depending on how much sugar you take: skéto, metrio and gliko (from least to most sugar). Traditionally, it is drunk very slowly and the grounds are then read for a glimpse at what the future might hold. There are all sorts of hearsay about this tradition and no doubt your waiter will be quick to provide a more or less imaginative interpretation of your dregs. The rise of tourism has led to a growing number of more standard cafes but if you are keen to try an elliniko café (as it is known in Greek) there are still many traditional cafes, especially in the Kolonaki area, where this type of coffee is served.

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