This less touristy neighbourhood will show you a different side of the city.

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City life off the beaten track

Here is a great alternative plan for getting to know the city. This area is not often found on regular maps of the city; in fact, hardly anyone has ever heard of it as it slips by unnoticed in a city so full of history and monuments. However, el barrio de Kypseli has its own story to tell. This neighbourhood in the north of the city, which began life as an affluent residential area in the 1930s, has been slowly transformed by crises and immigration into what its name means today: a hive. The construction of hundreds of buildings mixing numerous architectural styles lends this amalgamation of houses its distinctive appearance. One of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in the world, you are sure to get a real feel of authentic daily life in Athens. You can also try all types of food here and buy fake copies of practically anything. This is also Athens.

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