Lose yourself in the city streets and try a typical Greek aperitif.

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Mezze and ouzo

Time out at a traditional terrace bar

A mid-morning aperitif is a popular tradition across many European cultures, and Athens has its own unique version. From mid-morning onwards, the cafes and bars begin to fill up with customers ordering mezze and ouzo. Mezze is a selection of all kinds of small dishes. It is usually a combination of vegetables with meat, pasta, rice and fish. These little snacks are often based on traditional Greek recipes and are usually served with watered-down ouzo, a traditional Greek liquor similar to Anis. Some people say this sweet drink tastes a bit like liquorice. These delicacies are a key example of the "melting pot" nature of Greek cuisine, with its rich mix of Turkish, Italian and Greek dishes. Join the crowds in Monastiraki Square and the neighbouring streets for an authentic Athenian experience.

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