A quirky museum where all types of musical instruments take visitors on a journey through Greek history.

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Museum of Popular Instruments

A unique journey through time

The mansion in which the museum is found is as beautiful as the pieces on display. This enormous house, dating back to 1840, is home to a curious collection of musical instruments and the county’s history is told through the musical instruments from each period. Divided over three floors, the instruments are displayed according to their type: percussion, string and wind. A real must for all music lovers, this museum has a large range of strange and unique instruments made in ways you won't ever have seen before. You will be treated to creations such as baglamas (a Greek folk instrument made from turtle shells) or flutes made from the hide and bones of various animals. There is a strong tradition of folk music in Greece and here you can find out more about its origins and evolution. The Monastiraki metro station is right outside and, what's more, entry is free!

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