The climb up this historic hill is well worth it, if only for the spectacular views.

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Philopappos Hill

The hill next to the Acropolis

A monument to Philopappos, an important Roman consul, was built at the top of this hill in the 1st century AD. This site was chosen so the statue could watch over the entire city and also be seen by all its inhabitants. Today, it is one of the main viewpoints of the city. It offers some stunning views of the Greek capital and of the famous Agora. For history fans, this hill is also home to the Byzantine church of St. Demetrio Loumbardiaris and the prison where Socrates was confined. This place is carved into the rock and has survived intact from the Classical Era to present day, a must for all those interested in Classical Greek culture. All this awaits those who conquer one of the numerous, challenging routes to the top of this hill.

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