A visit to this port and a stroll around its terrace bars and shops is another good option.

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Piraeus, the port of Athens

The city port

To introduce the port of Piraeus, we have to go back to the very beginnings of the city of Athens when the first trade routes across the Aegean Sea were developed. The port gradually became more and more important and, despite being 8 kilometres from the Greek capital, it is undeniably the most important in the city. It is used for all types of commercial, tourist and industrial traffic with links all over the world. In addition, the Zea area (or Pasalimani), where the most luxurious boats can be found, has become one of the most attractive places in the city. This exclusive dock has become a charming little area of shops, bars and terraces with a great atmosphere both during the day and at night, especially in the summer months.

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