The Anafiotika neighbourhood

A trip to this part of town is like a small tour around the Greek Islands. Read on to discover why.

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The Anafiotika neighbourhood

A neighbourhood with a lovely history

Anafiotika has one of the most interesting histories of all the neighbourhoods in Athens. During the 19th century, King Otto brought to Athens a prestigious group of architects and builders from the Cyclades island group to build him a palace. These workers settled in Anafiotika, on the northwest slope of the Acropolis. However, homesick for their own villages and landscapes, they decided to build a new neighbourhood imitating their native islands. As a result, in the mid-19th century, this maze of white and blue houses emerged, complete with windy little streets with typical coastal paving. Its large number of gardens, viewpoints and small charming squares are all reminiscent of the Cyclades. A small enclave of peace and tranquillity within the city to take a stroll, relax and take in the city. The sunsets are stunning!

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