Over 3,000 small pieces of art from this group of Greek islands.

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The Museum of Cycladic Art

Small treasures from the Cyclades

Have you heard of the Cyclades islands? They are a group of over two hundred islands belonging to Greece. Some are so small that they barely have a name, but together they offer a whole host of secrets about Greek civilisation. Most significantly, during the Neolithic era they were home to various settlements that developed a very characteristic way of making marble sculptures. The most common are a range of small figurines in female form in various flat, archaic shapes. Over 3,000 of these sculptures and works are on display at this museum, which also has Cycladic art from the Bronze Age to present day. Some of these islands served as a destination for people sent into exile and for slaves and prisoners and this is also documented. A paradise for lovers of ancient and prehistoric history, it can be found at Neophytou Douka Street, just off Syntagma Square.

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