The greatest classical plays were performed among these ruins in front of thousands of people.

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Theatre of Dionysus

Meeting place for ancient civilisation

Greece is famous the world over as the birthplace of democracy. All politics in the city revolved around its citizens and, in turn, all society revolved around the government. This might explain why the Theatre of Dionysus was built to seat 17,000 people! It was named quite fittingly after the god of wine and theatre. Built on the southern slope of the Acropolis, it was intended to accommodate the entire population of the city. Many popular plays and mimes were performed here, but it also saw the first performances of many world-famous Greek tragedies, including works by Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides and Aristophanes. It is amazing to think that plays which remain unrivalled masterpieces today were first performed at a theatre built in the 6th century.

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