A traditional pre-dinner drink, ideal if you're eating out in one of the city's more lively areas.

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Try the retsina

Treat yourself to a Greek aperitif

Here are a few tips for drinking in Athens. As you will know, the city can get rather hot, especially in the summer. However, its gastronomy plays in your favour. We recommend trying a glass of retsina which, dating back over 3,000 years, is one of Greece's most traditional drinks and is similar to white wine. It is traditionally enjoyed before eating, as an aperitif, and at lunches and dinners. Its name comes from the way the bottles are sealed with resin from Aleppo pine trees, which are native to the Greek mountains. Popular throughout the whole country, the region of Attica is best known for producing this drink and it is the number-one region for wine in general. There are countless places to sample the local wines but we recommend starting with the bars in the Gazi neighbourhood, which are famous for their retsina.

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