The climate and the Majorero land are ideal for cultivating this medicinal plant.

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Aloe Vera

Curative vegetation

Thanks to the nature found on Fuerteventura, the products made from the aloe plant are first-class quality. The properties of the Majorero land and its favourable climate which mixes the humidity and the desert-like dryness, allow these types of vegetation to be watered in an important way on the island. This is why all the products related to health and body care have acquired great relevance: you can find multiple kinds of soaps, creams, and natural shampoos, and all of these goods are at good prices. Incidentally, they are made in a handmade way and they are cheaper without VAT, as we mentioned earlier. There is an enormous supply of these products throughout the island but if you don't know where to start, we recommend you to visit the shops located next to Puerto Chico in Corralejo, as there they will explain to you where they have come from, and the way in which each product was produced.

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