Traditional souvenirs that perfectly express the island's roots.

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Azucena y las Joyas de la Isla

An unmistakable jeweller's

As you'll have been able to see throughout your stay on the island, Fuerteventura mixes a deep indigenous culture and an inter-breeding with other cultures which turns it into a cultural collage, and one that is unique in the world. Fruit of all this is its tradition in regard to jewellery and costume jewellery, consisting of multiple elements that make up a very striking and unique collection, and providing this art with some different colours, motifs, and materials. You'll be the queen of the party! One of the best examples is made up of the collections displayed in Azucena, which is a shop located in the northwest of the island, in the town of Corralejo, and on the square of Plaza Félix Estevez. If you're looking for a different souvenir from Fuerteventura, we recommend you visit this shop, as the majority of their items are unique and handcrafted based on the main aspects of Fuerteventura such as the marine life, its desert-like nature, and its pre-Hispanic culture.

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