It was necessary to fend off invaders on one of its main economical areas.

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Castillo de El Cotillo

Time to defend!

Fuerteventura's geographic location and its special nature made the island, and the rest of the archipelago, a continuous target for pirates and nearby civilizations which were mainly African such as the Berbers, but it was also a target for the English and the French. As a result, the Crown of Castile decided to build this castle named El Cotillo, which was built over the ruins of another castle named Castillo de Rico Roque, and became one of the island's main defensive points; and of course the port named Puerto de El Cotillo which is named after the castle. This port is one of the island's economic resources and one of its key commercial points, since it mainly concentrated on the trade of cereals and cattle, and was often booty for pirates who used to attack this place. It's possible to visit the interior of the castle which still maintains its drawbridge and cannons, ready to defend itself. You'll love it!

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