An essential visit to participate in the roots of Majorero art.

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Centro de Arte Canario

A source of island culture

Manuel Delgado Camino is one of the greatest and most well known promoters of Canarian art on the island of Fuerteventura, and in the archipelago in general. He has been interested in this field since the 70s, and has opened up areas and initiatives that show Canarian disciplines and techniques with a special emphasis on the Majorero essence. During 1991, in the house where Blas Curbelo once lived, Camino opened an area that was going to be the origin of the present Canarian art centre named Centro de Arte Canario: the interior of the house was used for exhibitions and workshops, mainly consisting of visual arts by artists from the island. However, the exterior of the house was also gradually used to exhibit sculptures and other works that were worthy of being exhibited. Located in front of the popular Casa de los Coroneles, this building is the centre of Majorero art nowadays, and it's a real must-visit if you want to know the roots of the island's culture.

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