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Centro de Arte Juan Ismael

A tribute to the great artist

This museum is located in the very centre of Puerto del Rosario which is responsible for paying tribute to one of the island's most important artistic figures. Juan Ismael was a painter and poet who also practised other disciplines such as sculpture. He stood out due to his surrealist works which, together with his literary side, placed him as one of the great avant-garde writers of the Canary Islands. Not only was he considered as the most popular artist for decades in Fuerteventura, this was the case throughout the whole archipelago, and his creations had great relevance beyond the borders of the region. Centro de Arte Juan Ismael was opened with the intention of continuing this integral artistic exploration that the artist had spread. Nowadays, it's a cultural centre that includes a good number of exhibitions, activities, and workshops, and it's purpose is to be a creative area in which it makes space for artistic expressions that move away from traditional norms.

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