Playa Barca beach guarantees two things: incredible views and peace, even during the peak season.

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Costa Calma

Wild spirit!

Heading towards the south in the direction of Parque Nacional de Jandía, you'll find this place known as Costa Calma. Although nowadays it has become one of the island's busiest areas, it wasn't long ago since this land had been abandoned and left to nature; a characteristic that turned it into a totally wild and rural place, and it still keeps that spirit, as they knew how to keep its essence. The main attraction of Costa Calma is its coast which includes Playa Barca beach: this enormous sandy area covers the enclave from one end to the other, and offers an endless amount of secret spots and remote places away from the crowd, even during the peak season. The complex link with the rest of the island in comparison to other places on Fuerteventura makes it the ideal place if you're looking a beach where you can escape from the stress and isolate yourself in your thoughts for hours.

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