The natural wealth of this place is incredible, and the 'Opilion' spider is a good example of this.

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Cueva del Llano

Majorero x-rays

As if it were vertical x-ray of the island, Cueva del Llano makes an introspection of its insides by dissecting Fuerteventura's earth: on this visit, you'll be able to see fossils and the remains of animals that lived here more than 800,000 years ago. You'll also be able to find and interesting interpretation centre around the cave where the island's different evolutional steps are displayed and numbered by means of its precious animals, minerals, and other remains. The history of all these things will be explained and put into context during the underground excursion. The curious 'Opilion' spider can also be found in here, which has a shape that is characteristic of this place since it's the only ecosystem that combines the suitable conditions for its survival. Together with another seven arthropods, this type of spider forms one of the most studied and observed species due to its risk of becoming extinct.

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