What will you see here? Toys, figures, and pieces of model-making that are unique in the world.

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Dreams House Museum – Model Museum

Mamma mía!

This museum was surprisingly opened by the desire and inspiration of an Italian, and has been running since 2014, presenting a very curious collection: this area is based on various exhibitions of toys, collectors figures, and pieces of model-work from all over the world. This art has a high number of followers on the planet, up to the point that the Dreams House Museum is considered as one of the most important in Europe. The main Italian brands with regard to models are present here, and this transalpine country is one of the strong leaders. For all these reasons, we recommend spending an afternoon to visit these exhibitions so that you can carefully observe their collections, which range from international monuments, to historic scale armies, recalling famous battles. You can also see some really special doll's houses that unintentionally take you back in time.

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