Do you want to know the island's history? This museum is essential.

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Ecomuseo La Alcogida

The essence of Fuerteventura

In the heart of the village of Tefía, next to Puerto del Rosario, you'll find this ecomuseum named Ecomuseum La Alcogida: this complex of houses has become a journey through life on the island over the years. Going deep into the period of the 19th century, the combination of seven houses is able to show all native aspects of the Majorero civilization, including some of their own constructions made by wealthy and poorer families. A tour round the different professions that the local residents sustained in the area, ranging from traditional ways of working with precious metals and craftwork, to agricultural and cattle farming is also offered inside these typical stone houses with gable roofs. This is one of the best ways to approach and get inside the world of Fuerteventura, and the visit also includes a canteen where you can refresh yourself with traditional drinks, as well as a souvenir shop.

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