El Caletón: Far from the Worldly Noise

A peaceful restaurant with a family atmosphere, unique views, and delicious dishes.

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El Caletón: Far from the Worldly Noise

Can you smell fish?

In the southern area of the island, away from the rest of towns and villages, you'll find the Jandía peninsula, which is believed to have been an island itself thousands of years ago. However, both platforms of land were joined as a result of a volcanic eruption. This area is one of the most peaceful and desolate on the island, making it the perfect place for getting away from all the urban traffic. At the end of the peninsula, passing the Punta Jandía Lighthouse, there is a small village called Puertito de la Cruz where you'll find a cosy family restaurant called El Caletón: this place offers a spectacular terrace where you can enjoy a peace haven looking out towards the sea. You'll have the opportunity to taste an impressive fish soup made with grouper and other fish from the area, but they are also specialists in fish stews, so here you can taste one of the best sancochos in Fuerteventura.

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