Another delightful place full of peaceful and desolate small bays.

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El Cotillo

The mellowest of paradises

At the northernmost point on the island, the little village of El Cotillo makes up one of the delightful spots of Fuerteventura: this is a sea village that has been taking care of its roots the same as ever next to the shore. Completely isolated from the urban hustle and bustle, the residents spend the day working on the coast and docking their boats on the beach which bathes in its waters; not much more is needed to understand that it was built as one of the most privileged places on Fuerteventura. Due to its peace and calmness, this natural wonder has one of the best beaches that you can find of course, with fine white sand and waters that show different shades of turquoise blue when the sea is calm. El Cotillo is also an ideal place to visit any of its restaurants to try traditional Majorero food. If you're looking for peaceful and desolate small bays, we recommend you to start walking from this village.

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