Don't miss these three windmills at La Oliva, Tefia, and Antigua.

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Fuerteventura's Windmills

The bread basket of the Canary Islands

Do you know what Fuerteventura is known as within the archipelago? Attention: the bread basket of the Canary Islands. The fact is that its tradition in the cultivation and sale of cereals goes beyond the annals of history to even make up the backbone of its subsistence. This is why you always come across several windmills throughout the island that have been there for centuries. The island's milling tradition dates back to the 18th century and copied Castilian windmills, since the Crown of Castile was already there on the island for three centuries. However, Fuerteventura's special orography made it necessary to develop a new model of windmill, known as la molina (the windmill). This variation had already appeared in the middle of the 19th century and was characterised by having only one floor, which was a peculiarity that gave them a different appearance. There are three windmills that you must visit located in La Oliva, Tefia, and Antigua.

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